Another Day in Dominica

But this is no ordinary day, I should say.  That’s because I have finally decided to post some articles, thoughts, and feelings about Dominica on my new blog.

It’s slow going, but that is the name of the game here.  I am on ‘island time’, after all.As a long time resident of Dominica, I feel very much at home here on the Nature Island.  I am very fortunate to benefit from the bountiful clean air, food and water on this lesser-known island in the Caribbean. It has been said repeatedly, that if Christopher Columbus were to revisit the Caribbean now, Dominica would be the only island that he would easily recognize.  I feel very lucky to live here, and my health has benefited from it tremendously.

Today is very showery and breezy, typical of this time of year when the strong trade winds from the east blow over Dominica’s tall mountains and low clouds moisten the exotic rainforest and the seaside.

More about me later, as this blog unfolds.  For now,meditate upon a photo or two of this lovely island until my next episode.

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  1. elizabeth says:

    beautiful! thanks for sharing:) great job.


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