A Morning on Mero Beach

Mero Beach – northerly direction

On a mid-week morning in March, I ventured up the west coast of Dominica from Roseau to the seaside village of Mero.  My visit was two-fold:  I had an appointment with my French physiotherapist/osteopath Martine Varlet (767-316-2270) so I  looked forward to relief from some of my health challenges; and of course, I  had to allow a little time for a beach ‘lime’ (West Indian for hanging out).

Because it was a beautiful day and there were two cruise ships in port, I decided to visit the beach well before my 11 a.m. appointment. After a half hour on the public bus,  I hopped off it by the Mero Village entrance and within a couple of minutes , I was strolling along the seaside.  To my delight, there was not a soul in sight!   Mero is a popular spot for cruise shippers,  but they would not arrive until about midday on their tour buses.  For now, the pristine beach was all mine!

Mero Beach – southerly direction

I didn’t wander too far  along the expansive stretch of beach this time. I actually had a third goal: French pressed coffee and a slice of  the sensational passionfruit chocolate cake baked by Chef Dominique at Romance Cafe (767-449-7922)  right  on the beach.

Romance Cafe is set right on Mero Beach.

Carla and Tarrie will welcome you at Romance Cafe

Staff Carla and Tarrie greeted me in their usual warm and friendly way and then prepared my order.  Meanwhile, I walked around the tables and admired the very diverse artists’ works that are found on several table-tops.  A number of painters, both local and foreign have created  works of art, upon which one may dine and can even buy, if so desired.

After my perusal of this unusual gallery,  I selected a seat with my favourite table-top painting and gazed out to sea.  It was an idyllic Caribbean setting – the kind that most people dream about, I think.  The calm, inviting surf beckoned me and idle boats drifted lazily around their moorings.  There was no time for a ‘sea bath’  and an inviting lounge chair  that day, but those plans are definitely on the agenda for next time!

A Table-Top Painted by my friend Susan Weeks.

The Beach Chairs Beckon

One View from my table

I savored my treats, while relishing this tranquil and spectacular morning in paradise.

When I had finished the dregs of my coffee and picked up every last crumb on my plate, I glanced at my watch and realized it was almost 11 a.m..  I paid up and parted this lovely locale with promises that I would back very soon.                                                                                                                                                         for  a French/Dominican inspired meal, if I am lucky.

You might call me selfish, but I really don’t mind sharing a slice of the Nature Isle.  I just feel particularly blessed when I have a few moments of this precious place all to myself!

7 comments on “A Morning on Mero Beach

  1. Judy MacLean says:

    Chocolate cake for breakfast…..you go girl!


  2. gwendominica says:

    Trust me, it is no ordinary chocolate cake. Its blend wiith passionfruit and a creamy filling makes it simply divine. 😉


  3. Myan says:

    I love Mero Beach, one of my favourite places to go in Dominica!


  4. Celia says:

    oooo yes chocolate cake for breakfast sounds fab. Nice read


  5. Dan says:

    How’s the food. And the price?


    • gwendominica says:

      The food is delicious and full of flavour. I enjoy the French-inspired Dominican cuisine. It is light, but filling. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the meal. If you are planning to visit Romance Cafe, call ahead for their hours as they do change during the (tourist) off-season.


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