A Visit to the Spa – Dominican Style

Screw’s Spa is designed to blend into the natural environment

The waters look murky but they’re naturally filled with healthful minerals!

As part of my ongoing treatment for lower back pain and arthritis, my physiotherapist Martine Varlet (see A Morning on Mero Beach) prescribed a soak in a hot mineral bath.

On a quiet Friday morning with no cruise ship in port, I decided to drive to the village of Wotten Waven in the Roseau Valley for a little ‘spa-time’.

There are a number of establishments that offer therapeutic’ hot spring’ baths in the Wotten Waven area and they are all  different in design but equally enjoyable for a little relaxation and restoration.  Some isolated hot springs are found in several places in the area and should be strictly admired from a distance as they do reach the boiling point! I’ll write about Dominica’s famous Boiling Lake another time.

Steam rises from a boiling hot fumerole along a river in Wotten Waven. Photo by Edwin Whitford.

Dominica is blessed with numerous natural attributes, one of them being underground volcanic (geothermal) activity, which heats some spring waters and provides the mild sulphur smell.  In fact, there are NINE (9) potentially active (!) but presently dormant (!) volcanoes on the island, which is more than any other country in the world!But rest assured that there are no active volcanoes at this time.

Screw‘  was my choice du jour because this spa offers a number of pools of varying temperatures – from hot to very warm to warm to cool to cold! They are also quite large and there is plenty of room to swim or walk on little paths between them.

It was 10:00 a.m. when I arrived at Screw’s Spa and I was the first guest of the day! I relished the tranquility and requested that there be no amplified music while I was alone.  The friendly attendant kindly complied.

I luxuriated in the warm water for some time and perched my back beneath a little waterfall within the pool.  Then I moved between the hot and cold, and after an hour,  I was hardly feeling any pain!

The smell of sulphur is not too strong and it’s one of many minerals in the waters – including magnesium and calcium and a whole host of others. A laboratory analysis report is available at ‘Screw’s‘ so it’s easy to know  exactly what you’re getting yourself into!

Plentiful plants surround the spa’s natural setting.

It was also restorative to gaze around at the verdant rainforest foliage and admire the skillfully constructed pools of stone and wood which complement the environs perfectly. And to think I had to whole place to myself!

Then some other guests appeared and as I was ‘well-pruned’, I slowly hauled myself out. Before I departed, I enjoyed some complimentary coconut chunks, orange sections and a whole banana on the premises before heading back to reality.  And my back felt SO MUCH better!

Take a soak in the mineral pool of your choice.

Now before I sign off,  I should explain something about ‘Screw‘ to you.  He is a popular Rastafarian with a very holistic outlook and a willingness to share his spa at a reasonable price for the better health of all.  His friendly personality and dedication to his product have earned him national awards and outstanding online reviews.  And as for the origins of his name, I’ll leave it for you to ask him when you’re here!

I can’t wait for my next rendezvous at Screw’s Sulphur Spa.  They also offer mud wraps, so I think I’ll put that on my never-ending list of things to do on the Nature Isle!

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  1. corinne says:

    Mmmmm… wish I could have been there with you! I love Screw’s! 🙂


  2. Susan Weeks says:

    Oh,such good memories you evoked with this post. Would love to be back there with you Right Now. Love to you and tia pet.


  3. gwendominica says:

    Glad you’re both having fond memories of Screw’s Spa. Of course we’ll go next time you’re back! (But in the the mean time, I’ll think of you whenever I am there. : ))


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