Canadian Librarian Gives Thumbs Up to West Indian Murder Mystery!

You may recall that Canadian librarian Judy MacLean of Fredericton, New Brunswick won a copy of Island in the Clouds by author Susan Toy of Calgary, Alberta and Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (see

Here is her unsolicited review of the book, which I have reprinted with her permission:

Just wanted to report that I received Sue’s book on Thursday and finished it  yesterday (Saturday)! As I sat out in my sun-room enjoying the warm gentle breezes I pretended that I sat in a villa atop a mountain looking down at the incredible scenery that the book spoke about. I enjoyed my adventure, though I’m not sure her description of the windy roads, police or the drug runners did much for my desire to go to her island! ha ha
I did like her book and it made it all the more fun to read knowing that you knew her and the area the book described. I was a little surprised that they didn’t seem at all bothered about the killing of the “pirates” or the tampering with the money or clothing found on the property – especially the gun. It had me guessing though, and that’s the beauty of a “whodunit”.
Please send Sue my thanks and best wishes for the continued success of her book! I was actually thinking that Geoff’s character could get into even more adventures. As a property manager, he could see and hear all kinds of interesting things, and he seems to be better at asking questions and solving mysteries than the authorities. Perhaps he could become a private investigator – which is kind of ironic since he has a history to hide.
As the book cover indicated, this book was part travelogue, and I think it was just the right amount of information. I really enjoyed that. In another book however, she might be able to talk more about the industries – fishing or tourism or whatever – maybe a combination! Some fisherman pulls up something or someone in his nets. Would love to hear more of the local dialect and get a sense of how these people might handle another mystery – or even more about what their daily lives might be like. I suspect there are also many stories in history about pirates or ghost stories or spiritual beliefs that could be incorporated into another exciting story with colourful characters.-  By Judy MacLean   
Gwendominica and Judy MacLean (right) when they last met in Canada in 1997.  They have kept in constant contact and hope to reunite someday soon!
Judy, your feedback is really appreciated.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Island in the Clouds with us!

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