West Indian Murder Mystery donated to Roseau Public Library in Dominica

Roseau Public Library is located on Victoria Street, just south of the Fort Young Hotel.

I have mentioned in a previous post that the Roseau Public Library is one of my favourite hang-outs around town.  This stately wooden structure was built in 1906 with funds donated by American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  Its broad veranda has a sweeping view of the hills above Roseau, as well as the southwesterly seashore.  Very often, a pleasant breeze blows through the building when I am seated at a serviceable table with books in hand.  There is even wireless internet in this century-plus building, which is a great help if I bring my laptop with me.  I am also grateful to the friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to assist with any query.  My appreciation for different types of literature has expanded a thousandfold (I think!) due to its  diverse and ever-growing collection of local, regional and international fiction.

While the library purchases books and other educational materials, there are  some generous donors who give brand new or slightly used books to this wonderful establishment for the enjoyment of all.

Gwendominica hands over a copy of Island in the Clouds by Susan Toy to Davina Jones, Chief Librarian of the Roseau Public Library.

I had the pleasure to act on behalf of author Susan Toy  when I donated a copy of her new West Indian murder mystery Island in the Clouds to the library.  The Librarian, Davina Jones was delighted and asked me where she could buy more copies!   I have put her in touch with Susan to get the particulars.

Now that I have may own paper copy, I can flop down on the bed and devour it in a day or two. It has been a few months since I gobbled up the electronic version.  I wonder what I will discover this time that I missed during my first reading!

I did really enjoy this whodunnit, affectionately nick-named Clouds by its Canadian-Bequian (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) writer, colleague and friend.

Here is my first impression, which I am thrilled to report is found on the front page of the book:

I was spellbound by the development of the plot and the quirky twists that you sprinkled throughout. Sometimes I found I was even holding my breath! I also was laughing to myself about many of the cultural differences that you so cleverly pointed out between foreigners and Bequians – well I would say all West Indians for the most part. As an expat living in Dominica for almost 15 years, I could really identify with so many of Geoff’s remarks about life on Bequia.

Island in the Clouds occupies a spot (for now) on the Popular Books carousel.

I really hope that patrons of the Roseau Public Library will have as much fun reading  Island in the Clouds by Susan Toy as I did (and continue to do)!

Island in the Clouds – a Bequia novel

Available as an eBook to purchase online from:
Kindle UK
Apple’s iBookstore/iTunes: Apple Canada, Apple US, Apple UK
Print edition is now available!

ISBN 978-0-97879385-2-7 CDN/US $18.95

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