The Nature Island’s Celestial Beauty *

Christmas full moon rising over the Layou River Delta in Dominica.  Photo taken by Edwin Whitford.

A pre-Christmas full moon rises over Dominica’s Layou River delta as the sun sets. Photo taken by Edwin Whitford.


While the moon rises in the east (see photo above), the sun sets over the Caribbean Sea, as seen from the mouth of the Layou River. Photo taken by Edwin Whitford.

I never miss an opportunity in Dominica to watch a sunset or wait for a  full moon rising over the mountains, if weather conditions are right (that is, no rain in the forecast!).  But I think my favourite celestial sight from the Nature Island is the fading of the full moon over the Caribbean Sea at the break of day.

I love to live on the west coast Dominica where I overlook the Caribbean Sea.  The incredible natural  artistry of the celestial displays around dusk or dawn never cease to amaze me on any given day.

The skies are generally very clear here, as there is scant pollution on Dominica.  The clarity of the  stars and other constellations is magnificent.  Too bad I don’t have a sophisticated camera to capture it!

Sometimes  dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa  blows across the Atlantic due to strong seasonal trade winds.  Its presence in the atmosphere is apparent by the reddish hues that adorn the clouds, and even the sun as it sinks below the horizon.

Have you ever heard of the ‘Green Flash’?  This phenomenon occurs a couple of seconds after the tropical sun has set, when a brilliant flash of emerald-green can appear on the horizon exactly where the sun was moments earlier.  It normally occurs only on the clearest cloud-free days.  However, many people debate its authenticity.  I believe I have seen it a thousand times by now, but if you doubt me, that’s up to you.  A scientific explanation is found here.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to capture it on my camera, as of yet.  But I always make a wish when it happens, and hope that it will come true!

Instead of  writing  so many words  as  in recent posts, I will say very  little here.  I wish  to leave you to ponder these peaceful photos of another aspect of the Nature Island’s pristine attractions – the sky!

Here is a selection of sunsets and moonsets – they are adjusted slightly by Windows Photo Gallery for clarity but none of the shots was

Almost gone but no green flash yet.

Almost gone but no green flash yet.

knowingly altered:

Sunset near Roseau.  Photo taken by Edwin Whitford.

Sunset near Roseau. Photo taken by Edwin Whitford.

Sunset on the Guadeloupe Channel just north of Dominican coastline.

Sunset on the Guadeloupe Channel just north of Dominica’s coastline.


If this photo was retouched, I don’t know how I did it. Perhaps it was a trick of the light!

... for the glory of the skies..(Folliott Sandford Pierpont 1835-1917)

… for the glory of the skies…(Folliott Sandford Pierpont 1835-1917)

A persistent moon resists the advance of day.

A persistent moon shines brightly and resists the approach of day.

Simply natural, simply beautiful!

Simply natural, simply beautiful!


My reward for being an early riser!

As it is the season of good cheer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who ‘follow’ my blog and/or ‘like’ Ti Domnik Tales, as well as other interested readers all over the world.  I appreciate your support and the time you have taken  to review my musings about my adventures and experiences on the Nature Island. I’ll continue to keep you posted as there is much more to tell.  In the mean time, Season’s Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!


A kaleidoscope of colourful hues as dawn approaches from the east.

*This post is dedicated to the memory of my parents – my mother, who ‘came into the world’ during the festive season and my father, who ‘departed this life’ on a bleak mid winter’s morn.  They really appreciated nature and would have loved Dominica.  But I  imagine that heaven must be the only place that could be more beautiful than the Nature Isle!  May their souls rest in  peace eternally.

Many people have remarked on the unusual effects between the setting moon and the horizon in November 2012.

Many people have remarked on the unusual effects between the setting moon and the sea in October/ November 2012.


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  1. lizziemad says:

    I, too,love seeing that early morning setting moon over the sea! We had some nice ones this past week.


    • gwendominica says:

      Thanks Liz. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who is up before the crack of dawn. Most people don’t know what they’re missing! Maybe they should give it a try – it’s truly a gorgeous time of day.


  2. Stunning photos! Wow!


    • gwendominica says:

      Thanks Rachel! I have to say that I enjoy your photos of western Canada too. I found it an uncanny coincidence that you were blogging about your late grandfather today ( while I was dedicating this post to my late parents. I guess it’s a way that we can express our ongoing love as we fondly remember them.


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