Ti Domnik Tales Takes a Break!

Dear Readers,

Gwendominica is taking a bit of  a break from Ti Domink Tales. Summertime is almost here, and plentiful plans are afoot! Stories about my summer adventures elsewhere will be posted on www.canarygal.com.

Gwendominica waves from the seaside section of the Fort Young Hotel on May 22,2015

Gwendominica waved as if to say ‘see you  in September’ from the seaside terrace of the Fort Young Hotel on May 22,2015.  Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

Before I fly away for a short while, I would like to once again thank everyone for

I am not exactly sailing off into the sunset - just taking a little time away for some northern summer days!

I am not exactly sailing off into the sunset – just taking a little time away to enjoy some idyllic summer days and  the wonderful people in my home circle!

their support and interest in my blog about my experiences on Dominica, the Nature Island.  I am always encouraged to write more when I see that people are reading my posts!

This particular piece marks the 150th post on Ti Domnik Tales, and I must now seriously consider the next step: the possibility of an e-book.  Expressions of interest from professional editors would be welcome!

As of May 31, 2015, there have been over 66,000 visits to www.gwenithwhitford.com.  I am delighted with this response, and intend to continue to record my Nature Island outings and encounters as of September. Rest assured that on Dominica, the capacity for adventure is endless.

Meanwhile, I hope you will have a wonderful summer, wherever you are on the planet.

As my dear friend Jude would say. we are

As my dear friend Jude would say,  we are “under the same moon,” no matter where we happen to be on  planet Earth! (This is a late-spring moon-set on Dominica – at daybreak!)

Thanks again for checking out Ti Domnik Tales!


I'll see you in September!  Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

I’ll see you in September! Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

P.S.  If you feel inclined, please let me know what you think of TDT in the comment box below.  Do you have a favourite post?  Why do you (or did you) read TDT? I will reply to your responses, with pleasure!


6 comments on “Ti Domnik Tales Takes a Break!

  1. You know my thoughts on publishing an eBook, and when you’re ready to do so please don’t hesitate to contact me! Have a great summer break and send me an email if you happen to be out in my neck of the woods!


    • gwendominica says:

      Thanks Sue. I’ll gladly be in touch with you, once I’ve mulled over the next steps for Ti Domnik Tales. I expect that will take the whole summer! There’s still more to write about, in terms of my adventures in Dominica. I know in my mind what I will write about upon my return, and then at some point I will have to stop! I am not sure where you are exactly right now, so we can correspond by email as to your location. Hope you’ll enjoy your summer too!

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  2. Jude says:

    🙂 Loved the moon. Let me know when you are coming up this way! I would love to see you. xo


    • gwendominica says:

      Dear Jude, I’d only been in Dominica a little while when you sent me an email entitled “Under the Same Moon.” Your phrase really resonated with me, and made me realize that it doesn’t matter where we are, because on earth, we are all sharing the same moon. It made me feel closer to family and friends that I had left behind. They, including you, are not really so far away after all! Hope we can meet up sometime soon. XO


  3. Victoria Crawford says:

    Have a wonderful summer Gwen. We will see you on your return. xo


    • gwendominica says:

      Thanks Victoria! I intend to fully enjoy myself over the summer – in a different environment. When I return, I will be keen to see the latest developments on your part of Dominica, where you continue to ‘live eco-consciously on the Nature Isle’! Hope you’ll have a good one too! XO


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