Hurricane Maria

River Debris

This ravine in the village of Pointe Michel became a deadly raging river during Hurricane Maria, in which 18 people who lived nearby lost their lives.

On the evening of September 18, 2017, Hurricane Maria relentlessly lashed the Nature Island for several hours into the night. This catastrophic category 5 storm completely destroyed the once-beautiful country, leaving thousands without shelter, electricity, clean water and food. There were about 40 deaths and others unaccounted for as they are still missing.

Although relief agencies are providing as much assistance as possible, it will clearly be years before Dominica is restored to her former ‘Garden of Eden’ glory.

As I had relocated to Canada in 2016, I watched and listened via social media to the horrific events that unfolded that night, and was completely shocked by the aftermath as residents recounted their traumatic experiences and described their profound losses. As aerial photos appeared online, it was hard to believe that the apocalyptic-like landscape was actually my beloved adopted country.

Most certainly, I am doing what I can for my island ‘home’. I was in Dominica from January to March 2018, and will be reporting on my experiences and observations in a new blog, entitled: After the Hurricane: A Post-Maria Visit to Dominica. I volunteered my skills in several ways in an effort to contribute to the recovery and restoration of this unique land.

Ti Domnik Tales is now an historic blog about my life on Dominica between 1997 and 2016. Please continue to enjoy my musings from those unforgettable years. It is hoped that you will follow After the Hurricane to get a sense of the island post-Hurricane Maria, appreciate the resilience of the people and learn about this incredible country’s ongoing recovery.

Roseau Public Library

Roseau Public Library, built in 1906, was completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

If you wish to donate to assist in the ongoing recovery/rebuilding process on Dominica, you will find numerous aid sites online. I recommend the International Red Cross, as well as the Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association (CDOA), a very dynamic and proactive Toronto-based organization that has been providing assistance to Dominica for many years. Lifeline Ministries Dominica is also a reputable and responsible organization that actively assists individuals in need of various forms of assistance. As well, many of the local hotels, businesses and villages described in this blog have GoFundMe or similar campaigns to assist all in dire need.

Sincere thanks for your interest in Ti Domnik Tales, and Dominica by extension.