Why I Reside on the Nature Isle

There’s definitely more to the story!   However, I’m not going to reveal the reasons here.

But you can find out why on my new blog, which focuses on my experiences with environmental health issues and related topics.  It will also include some of my previously published writings on this subject that are not readily available elsewhere.

Here’s a hint: Dominica has an abundance of pure spring water that I drink every day! Photo by Edwin Whitford.

This new blog is called Canary Gal. On the home page, called It’s a Canary’s Life, you’ll read about the reasons for the reference to these songsters. Please check it out!

Ti Domnik Tales will continue with my adventures and activities on the Nature Island.

Thanks for your interest in Ti Domnik Tales and Canary Gal.

While I do like this shade of yellow, it has nothing to do with why I am calling myself a canary!