Dominica’s ‘Ti Domnik Tales’ at Four: A New Chapter Unfolds


Gwendominica has really enjoyed walking the security dogs at Carib Sand & Stone near Pointe Michel. She is pictured here with (Fortune) 42. Photo taken by Charleston Charles, C.S.S.

Readers of Ti Domnik Tales might be curious to know that while I have been quiet in terms of the blog , I have been very active in a different way: preparing to relocate to Canada.  I did mention this in my last adventure, which was a fun-filled day touring around Soufriere Dominica.

While I pack up, distribute and organize this international move, I have had plentiful opportunities to reflect on my 19 incredible and unforgettable years of living full-time on the Nature Island.  Some of those wonderful experiences here have been included in this blog, which has just passed four years of existence.  Never fear, for there is


It would be very difficult to stay away from the natural beauty found at Papillote Wilderness Retreat near Trafalgar.

much more to come. I am leaving half of my heart in Dominica, with the complete expectation to come back for more of this beautiful tropical island once winter sets in ‘up north’.

In fact, as I write this piece, there are several stories in the queue, so do stay tuned, as the adventures on Dominica are far from over! I do plan to continue to contribute my musings and stories whether on-island or elsewhere! As the  170 posts on the site approach 100,000 visits, I have no inclination to disappoint interested readers.  Besides, the capacity to write about this tiny Caribbean paradise is virtually endless, in my opinion.


To think I’ve hiked up Morne Anglais, one of Dominica’s highest peaks three times over the years!  The 360 degree views on a clear day are, well, breathtaking! (as seen from Morne Bruce, above Roseau)

As well, the compilation of an eBook format of Ti Domnik Tales is in the formative stages.  I have been fortunate and delighted to discuss my ideas with an established Canadian editor, Rachel Small and popular Canadian-Caribbean author, publisher and friend Susan Toy.  I hope to move forward with this concept in time to come, hopefully sooner than later!

In the mean time, additional posts are pending as plans fall into place and new adventures await!  I also hope to resume contacts with the very active Commonwealth of Dominica Ontario Association in Toronto and the Rotary Club of Ottawa South when I return to my ‘home and native land’.  Those two Canadian organizations (among others)  helped to raise funds and supplies for Dominica immediately following the devastating Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015.  They certainly have the Nature Island’s best interests at heart, and “I in it!” which is an enthusiastic expression on Dominica.


I’ve spent thousands of hours in Roseau, Dominica’s charming capital. It’s a fascinating and historic Caribbean city. (as seen from Morne Bruce)

DSCF6190At the end of the day (and this post) I daresay that “the joy of life is the trip.” I have been so fortunate to include a very long stay on Dominica as part of my journey, and I expect to return to again and again!






Ti Domnik Tales Takes a Break!

Dear Readers,

Gwendominica is taking a bit of  a break from Ti Domink Tales. Summertime is almost here, and plentiful plans are afoot! Stories about my summer adventures elsewhere will be posted on

Gwendominica waves from the seaside section of the Fort Young Hotel on May 22,2015

Gwendominica waved as if to say ‘see you  in September’ from the seaside terrace of the Fort Young Hotel on May 22,2015.  Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

Before I fly away for a short while, I would like to once again thank everyone for

I am not exactly sailing off into the sunset - just taking a little time away for some northern summer days!

I am not exactly sailing off into the sunset – just taking a little time away to enjoy some idyllic summer days and  the wonderful people in my home circle!

their support and interest in my blog about my experiences on Dominica, the Nature Island.  I am always encouraged to write more when I see that people are reading my posts!

This particular piece marks the 150th post on Ti Domnik Tales, and I must now seriously consider the next step: the possibility of an e-book.  Expressions of interest from professional editors would be welcome!

As of May 31, 2015, there have been over 66,000 visits to  I am delighted with this response, and intend to continue to record my Nature Island outings and encounters as of September. Rest assured that on Dominica, the capacity for adventure is endless.

Meanwhile, I hope you will have a wonderful summer, wherever you are on the planet.

As my dear friend Jude would say. we are

As my dear friend Jude would say,  we are “under the same moon,” no matter where we happen to be on  planet Earth! (This is a late-spring moon-set on Dominica – at daybreak!)

Thanks again for checking out Ti Domnik Tales!


I'll see you in September!  Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

I’ll see you in September! Photo taken by Jenny Spencer.

P.S.  If you feel inclined, please let me know what you think of TDT in the comment box below.  Do you have a favourite post?  Why do you (or did you) read TDT? I will reply to your responses, with pleasure!

My Life in Dominica Featured on

Gwendominica in contemporary Creole wear.

Gwendominica in contemporary Creole wear.

If you are curious about how and why I have lived as an expatriate in Dominica, then have a look at my commentary by clicking here.

Admittedly, I have been candid and would like to remind everyone that what I have said about my life on the Nature Island is not  necessarily representative of other expatriates. I have tried to emphasize that as we are all individuals, we all have different perspectives and responses to our experiences.  That’s what makes being a citizen of the world so interesting!  Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the interview, if you are so inclined.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Karen and Liz for being the first two people to comment on the website about Ti Domnik Tales.  Their kind and thoughtful remarks are very much appreciated.

It is hoped that this additional exposure on the website will generate more interest in lovely Dominica, the beautiful Nature Island. I am honoured  to have the privilege of spending so many years  in this remarkable country and delighted to have an improved quality of life because of my long-term residency here.
You can go directly to the interview from RIGHT HERE.







Ti Domnik Tales is Featured on!


Did you miss me?  I’ve recently returned to Dominica from a wonderful vacation in my ‘home and native land’, Canada.  While I was away, I received the good news that popular and extensive Expats Blog.Com has selected

Ti Domnik Tales as a featured blog on their amazing website!  I urge you to check it out and have a look at some of the fascinating blogs written by hundreds of expatriates from all over the world about a diversity of experiences in their adopted countries.

I am honoured to be their first  representative for Dominica. If you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures and experiences (so far), then I’d be most grateful if  you could rate and/or leave a short comment on Expats Blog  by clicking on this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page.  I sincerely thank you for your interest and support!

And stay tuned for more adventures as this expatriate, a.k.a. ‘Canadian Canary‘ shares some stories about her memorable experiences ‘back home’ after a three-year absence.

Gwendominica 'limes' while the tide is out at Nova Scotia's Kingsport Beach on the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy.  Photo taken by Cousin Greg.

Gwendominica ‘limes’ (relaxes) while the tide is out at Nova Scotia’s Kingsport Beach on the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy. Photo taken by Cousin Greg.

Of course, the  seemingly endless stories of my life on the Nature Island will continue with countless musings on Ti Domnik Tales!


Ti Domnik Tales Blog Has Published 100 Posts about Dominica, the Nature Island!

Dominica, the Nature Island as seen from the coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Dominica, the Nature Island as seen from the coastal waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Mission accomplished!  The piece I wrote about Kalinago Culture and History was the 100th article  posted on Ti Domnik Tales blog. I have now realized my original objective with this significant posting about an important cultural aspect of Dominica.  When I created  this blog in March 2012, I was not sure how far I would get in terms of the number of published posts.  But as you can see, the fascinating topics about the Nature Island are virtually endless!

Therefore, I will continue to write about my experiences on Dominica, as there is much more terrain to cover! Postings may be more sporadic though, as I am turning my attention to my other blog which has been dormant for a while.

Gwendominica walks on red rocks at beautiful Pointe Baptiste, on Dominica's northeast coast - to be presented in a forthcoming post.  Photo by Edwin Whitford.

Gwendominica walks on famous Red Rocks at beautiful Pointe Baptiste, on Dominica’s northeast coast – to be presented in a forthcoming post. Photo by Edwin Whitford.

During the summer of 2014, I will be posting on:

My Canary Gal blog focuses on  environmental  health  issues and personal experiences related to living with  this challenge.  In fact, I moved to Dominica so that I could better manage this increasingly common condition.  Watch for my travel diary as I spend a little time in” my home and native land” – as this Canary flies north for a few weeks.

I will post the introductory paragraphs on this blog for a short time only with a link to each complete piece on Canary Gal.  I do hope you will be able to join me (vicariously) for some Canadian  summer fun and adventure.  If you are curious about what happens next while I am “home,”  kindly click the ‘follow’ box which you will find midway down the right hand side of the page.

I would be remiss if I did not renew heartfelt thanks to my immediate and extended family, friends near and far,  faithful “followers’ (close to 100!) those who ‘like” me (almost 90!) and/or particular pieces, the people who care to share a comment or two and the thousands of  interested readers from around the world.  Your continued support means a great deal, and helps to keep me motivated to write about the wonderful experiences that form part of my  life on Dominica, the Nature Island.

With appreciation,



Ti Domnik Tales and Canary Gal blogs



Ti Domnik Tales Receives Distinction as Expat Blog of the Month!

EB_ENG1213I am delighted to be recognized by  expat blog, ‘the living abroad website, by expats, for expats’ this December as their ‘Blog of the Month’.  You might like to check out other fascinating expat  blogs on Dominica and many  other countries  around the world by registering to become a member of the expat blog  website here.    It’s a great resource for networking with other expatriates, getting information about particular countries, making new friends and finding our about their experiences around the globe. Special thanks to Julie and the expat blog team for their special interest in Ti Domnik Tales.


Ti Domnik Tales is One Year Old!: the top 12 posts of the past 12 months

Gwendominica is abundantly thankful to her readers and supporters of Ti Domnik Tales.  Photo taken by Laasting Images Photo Studio, Roseau Dominica on Creole Day, October 26, 2012.

Gwendominica is abundantly thankful to her readers and supporters of Ti Domnik Tales. Photo taken by Lasting Images Photo Studio, Roseau Dominica on Creole Day, October 26, 2012.

March marks the first anniversary of my blog about Dominica, called Ti Domnik Tales. Coincidentally, this month also means that I am beginning the 16th year that I have lived on the Nature Isle. I am delighted to have published 50 posts and to have received more than 10,000 visits during the first year of this blog’s existence.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has referred to this website for information, curiosity or interest in some of my published experiences about Dominica. I am especially grateful to author Susan Toy for her encouragement, as well as website designers Carrie Mumford and Wendy Walsh for their technical assistance in getting the blog “up and running.”  My loyal family and friends, as well as faithful “followers” and those who “like” me make this literary experience even more rewarding and gratifying.

I will definitely “keep ’em coming,” with an aim for  a total of 100 posts over the next year.

Thanks again for checking into some of  the places, adventures and personalities that have enriched my life on the Nature Isle! I hope you will continue to enjoy Ti Domnik Tales.

Apart from a heavily consulted archives, here are the top twelve posts of the past year:

1. Spending a Spa Day at Papillote Wilderness Retreat

2. Dominica’s Antony Agar : Australian Ringer, Caribbean Sea-Captain, Schooner Builder, Author

3. Dominica’s Hike Fest: It’s “the best!”

4. Dominica’s Carnival Celebrations: Original, Traditional, Fun!

5. The Voice of Ti Domnik Tales

6. Roseau Dominica: Charming Caribbean Capital: Part 1

7. A Morning on Mero Beach

8. ‘Ma Pampo’ and the Centenarians of Dominica

9. Roseau Dominica: Charming Caribbean Capital; Part 2

10. Celebrating ‘Canada Day’ in Dominica with Yoga, Friends and Snakes!

11. Colour, Tradition and Spectacle: Dominica’s Carnival Monday ‘Ole Mas’ and Youth Parade 2013

12. The Voice of Ti Domnik Tales

If you have a moment and/or a thought to spare: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT TI DOMNIK TALES. 

Thanks for your interest in Ti Domnik Tales!

Thanks for your interest in Ti Domnik Tales!

My burning question is:


Your input would be most appreciated, dear reader!  Please leave your comment in the reply box below.